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Embark on a musical journey to the next generation with KORG Gadget Plugins, where your ideas effortlessly transform into music. Featuring over 40 small synthesizers and drum machines known as “gadgets,” this collection offers an intuitive user interface that allows you to combine them freely and create exceptional music. Originally renowned for its iOS version and later expanded to Mac, the Gadget plugin series is now Windows-compatible. Let’s delve into the latest version of KORG Gadget 2 Plugins for PC, highlighting the tools, gadgets, and endless creative possibilities it brings to your music production.

KORG Gadget 2 Plugins: Your Musical Arsenal

Gadgets for Every Sound:

  • AbuDhabi: A dynamic loop slicer offering futuristic sampling capabilities.
  • Alexandria: A legendary vintage organ gadget delivering powerful rotary dynamics.
  • Amsterdam: A PCM SFX boombox with over a hundred sound effects and chord samples.
  • Berlin: A synthesizer optimized for solos with a sync oscillator for complex overtones.
  • Bilbao: A lightning-fast sample player with support for 16-bit audio and lo-fi beats.
  • Brussels: A gadget synthesizer that produces thick unison tones for electronic music.
  • Chiangmai: A polyphonic synthesizer with VPM (Variable Phase Modulation) function.
  • Chicago: A tube bass machine for classic acid house sounds.
  • Darwin: A synthesizer based on the legendary KORG iM1, offering iconic sound programs.
  • Dublin: A monophonic semi-modular synthesizer ideal for deep bass.
  • Durban: A bass effects processor for shaping your bass sound.
  • Ebina: Inspired by arcade games like Darius, this synthesizer captures iconic arcade sounds.
  • Fairbanks: A synthesizer with a new engine for rich analog, synth, and FM sounds.
  • Firenze: A funky electric keyboard that reproduces the clavichin’s percussive sound.
  • Gladstone: A powerful acoustic drum module with 20 high-quality drum kits.
  • Glasgow: A PCM synthesizer offering crisp, high-quality sounds including strings and winds.
  • Helsinki: A polyphonic ambient synthesizer perfect for genres like Ambient or Chillwave.
  • Kamata: A wavetable synthesizer inspired by 80s video games and NAMCO sounds.
  • Kiev: An advanced spatial digital synthesizer with organic surround sounds.
  • Kingston: A polyphonic chip synthesizer optimized for 8-bit game sounds.
  • Lisbon: A polyphonic synthesizer producing dense, glossy, near-future sounds.
  • London: An ultrasonic PCM drum module designed for dance music.
  • Madrid: A dynamic bass machine adding live groove to your music.
  • Marseille: A polyphonic PCM synthesizer with standard keyboard, brass, and string sounds.
  • Memphis: A semi-modular analog synthesizer based on the KORG MC-20.
  • Miami: Ideal for modern electronic music, this gadget reproduces essential bass sounds.
  • Milpitas: A wave sequence synthesizer that combines multiple complex waveforms.
  • Montpellier: An analog synthesizer with 4VCO offering rich analog sounds.
  • Montreal: A vintage electric piano with realistic tones reminiscent of classic instruments.
  • Otorii: A beat sound generator inspired by 80s arcade games like Out Run.
  • Phoenix: A polyphonic analog synthesizer with warmth and presence.
  • Pompei: A 6-voice analog synthesizer based on the Korg Polysix.
  • Recife: A futuristic drummer with 16 pads and incredible beat-making capabilities.
  • Rosario: A guitar effects processor delivering depth and atmosphere to your guitar sound.
  • Salzburg: A premium acoustic piano gadget with loop-free data from renowned pianos.
  • Stockholm: A gadgetized version of the classic Dr. Octo Rex for loop and sample control.
  • Taipei: A gadget with MIDI Out for seamless connection to various MIDI devices.
  • Tokyo: An analog percussion synthesizer with four compact analog-type sound modules.
  • Vancouver: A sampler with melody layering function and over 90 unique sounds.
  • Warszawa: An advanced wavetable synthesizer for creating innovative sounds.
  • Wolfsburg: A hybrid polyphonic synthesizer combining analog and digital technology.
  • Zurich: A sound effects block with 26 different effects to elevate your music.

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  1. You need Xcode Commenad Line Tools (you don’t need the full Xcode, just the command line tools) and Python3 to use the crack! These must be downloaded and installed.

    Then you can type in terminal: sudo python3 [drag the .py patch file] > enter

    If Python3 and Xcode aren’t installed the patch will not work (and most likely break the Gadget 2 app)

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