KORG – Gadget 2 Plugins 2.7.3 VST, AU (macOS)

Move to the next generation. Turn your ideas into music quickly and intuitively. The best plugins for making music.
KORG Gadget Plugins – A collection of plugins with an intuitive user interface provides over 40 small synthesizers and drum machines called “gadgets” that you can freely combine to create music. Starting with the award-winning iOS version, followed by Gadget for Mac with its powerful collection of plugins, now Gadget plugin – plugins are compatible with Windows. With carefully selected parameters and ready-made sounds / presets, you can now use a variety of powerful gadgets from your favorite DAW on your PC.
The latest version of KORG Gadget 2 Plugins for PC includes 7 additional gadgets, all of which are already available in the Mac version. “Bilbao”, KORG Gadget’s first additional sampler, “Abu Dhabi”, “Recife” sampler, drum equipped with 16 pads, “Lisbon” capable of producing a tight and brilliant sound, “Vancouver”, a sampler that can be played freely on the keyboard, and “Zurich”, a sound effects block with 26 different effects. In addition, Madrid has been added to include live grooves with acoustic and electric bass in your music. Now you can use all these high quality sounds and presets in your favorite DAW.

List, description of tools
43 instruments :
AbuDhabi – Dynamic loop slicer. Loop samples instantly and automatically. This is a forward-looking futuristic sampler that allows you to freely manipulate grooves. Carefully selected electro-drum and chord progressions are provided, and you can instantly convert them to another-dimensional sounds with a single swipe. You can also freely import your favorite samples for unlimited Alexandria possibilities
– Legendary vintage organ. This is a powerful organ gadget that samples various sound variations of a traditional vintage organ. With powerful rotary dynamics, vibrato and chorus that add character to the sound, and an overdrive circuit that generates warm distortion, it’s easy to create realistic organ sounds.
Amsterdam – PCM SFX Boombox. This is a four-piece PCM sound module gadget with a powerful gold body and chrome knobs, containing over a hundred sound effects that will affect your song, including single sounds, synth sounds and scratches. It also contains many chord samples, allowing you to create chord progressions as if you were putting together a collage.
Berlin– This is a synthesizer with a classic design optimized for solos. It has a sync oscillator that can generate complex overtones, delivering a variety of sounds with a vibe modulation
Bilbao – Lightning Fast Sample Player. The bits you need right now are generated at lightning speed. This is a sampler gadget with 16-bit audio support. Numerous lo-fi beats are built in, expanding the range of the London sound module gadget. Plus, you can freely import your own samples to expand your sound set infinitely.
Brussels– This gadget synthesizer has a simple and elaborate parameter structure with an intuitive user interface. The thick unison tones emanating from this futuristic design produce the leading sounds needed for any type of electronic music.
Chiangmai – Variable Phase Modulation Synthesizer. It is a polyphonic synthesizer gadget with VPM (Variable Phase Modulation) function. This gadget is especially good at sparkling metallic bell sounds.
Chicago– Tube bass machine. This is a simple acid house gadget with a shiny metal body. Includes a “Bite” filter, covering a range from classic “sticky” synthetic bass to intensely distorted aggressive sounds. There is a built-in arpeggiator and multi-effect, so your creations
are varied!
Darwin – This is a synthesizer based on the KORG iM1. It has special sounds that only the legendary M1 makes, which defined the era. There are huge sound programs available to suit your needs for a huge variety of musical genres. Smart Sound Browser and Easy Edit provide the most efficient way to find and fine tune sound.
Dublin– Monophonic semi-modular synthesizer. This is a semi-modular synthesizer with a classic vintage design that is especially good for deep bass. Besides the ability to do simple yet deep subtractive synthesis with a conventional waveform and filter, it also allows you to enjoy a wide range of different tones.
Durban – Bass Effects Processor.
Ebina is a synthesizer inspired by the Darius arcade cabinet and its distinctive three-screen design. Synthesizer sounds were recorded from arcade games such as Darius and The Ninja Warriors. Thanks to our collaboration with Taito, we reproduce the sounds of the FM tone generator (mostly), successfully reproducing the sound of these legendary arcades.
Fairbanks– built on a completely new engine that allows you to create a wide range of rich and powerful sounds, ranging from warm analog sounds to harsh synth sounds and flickering FM sounds – even tempo-synced sequences. Each sound has optimal parameters selected in the interface, so you can quickly adjust them according to your preferences.
Firenze – Funky electric keyboard. This is a clavichin gadget that reproduces the sharp attack and percussive sound of a classic instrument. Since the pickup and filter can be controlled with separate switches, you can
it is easy to try different sound changes. Additional parameters required for the sound of the harpsichord have been carefully chosen, such as the mute slider that adjusts the sound.
Gladstone – Acoustic drum module. Gladstone is a powerful acoustic drum gadget that will complement the sound of most styles of music, regardless of genre. Equipped with 20 high quality drum kits, Gladstone lets you compose a wide variety of drum parts. Besides master effects, it creates an atmosphere and mood to match the mood of the song, allowing you to quickly create the drum sounds and patterns you’re looking for
Glasgow– Best PCM synthesizer. The gadget allows you to play a wide range of sounds, including strings, winds and synthesizers. It delivers crisp, high-quality sound, with each tone representing a set of most suitable
processing parameters so you can easily and efficiently get the sound you want
Helsinki – Polyphonic Ambient Synthesizer. It is a sound pad gadget that is easy to use for genres like Ambient or Chillwave. The subtle yet deep sound reproduced with lo-fi and reverb effects delivered through a changing interface creates an atmosphere that is both nostalgic and futuristic.
Kamata– Table-wave synthesizer. This synthesizer gadget simulates 80s video games using wavetable synthesis as the sound source. Building on the NAMCO CUSTOM30 sound generator in their world famous 1980s arcade games, the BANDAI NAMCO Studios sound team reimagined the most popular game sounds and put them into a special gadget called Kamata. By using carefully selected parameters for each of the 32 x 4-bit samples in the wavetable, you can create music and sounds that are both nostalgic and new at the same time.
Kiev– Advanced spatial digital synthesizer. The synthesizer’s yellow body gives the impression of a secret weapon hidden in an industrial area. It implements “vector synthesis” using four oscillators that generate organic surround sounds. Use the touchpad to intuitively control the mysterious “distortion” sound that seems to warp the space itself.
Kingston – Polyphonic Chip Synthesizer. This polyphonic synthesizer is optimized for 8-bit game sounds. The oscillator features waveforms that still serve as examples of computer sounds, as well as JUMP and RUN functions that make these sounds even more whimsical. You can also use effects to further warp the Lexington sound
– Duophonic analog synthesizer. The legendary ARP ODYSSEY analog synthesizer is now available as a gadget. Its main features are 3 different filters, created on different production dates, and a sharp, punchy sound coming from the drive circuitry. In addition, thanks to the use of 6 powerful effects, it is not just accurate reproduction, but the ability to receive a wide variety of sounds.
Lisbon – Polyphonic synthesizer with sci-fi sounds. A polyphonic synthesizer that produces a dense, glossy, near-future sound, indispensable for electronic music. With KORG’s electronic circuit modeling technology and a powerful synthesizer with five versatile effects, you can instantly create sound regardless of musical genre or style.
London– Ultrasonic PCM drum module. This drum module gadget is specially designed for dance music. Despite its simple and straightforward look, it instantly gives you a ready-to-use drum kit. Has over 400 samples to suit your needs for a variety of dance music formats including Electro, Minimal, Dubstep and more. It also provides three effects that you can use for each part, as well as a master effect.
Madrid– Dynamic bass machine. Madrid is a powerful bass gadget that adds live groove to your music. With acoustic bass, electric bass, six types of bass amplifiers and two groups of built-in effects, you can easily and significantly change the character of the sound. From powerful aggressive bass to fat bass, this gadget not only delivers a powerful low tone, but also realistically reproduces differences in most playing styles.
Marseille – Polyphonic PCM synthesizer. This polyphonic synthesizer looks like a workstation and offers a wide selection of standard keyboard, brass, string, and synth sounds. When you need a piano or
electric piano, launch this gadget. There is a “Chord” function that allows you to create chords in the scale you specify, making it easy to create a chord progression without wrong notes.
Memphis – Semi-modular analog synthesizer. The legendary KORG MC-20 is now in the gadget. Memphis fully reproduces the MS-20 with its two oscillators (which can be ring modulated), self-oscillating high / low pass filters with unique distortion and a patch section with an external signal processor.
Miami– This gadget reproduces bass sounds indispensable in modern electronic music. It is equipped with an “X-MOD” oscillator that generates complex overtones and modulation, and a “CRUSH” filter that adds characteristic noise. Modulation “WOBBLE” allows you to modify the signal to resemble the evil monster often heard in Brostep and Dubstep.
Milpitas – Wave Sequence Synthesizer. A new WAVESTATION gadget that has the ability to create sounds by combining or switching between multiple complex waveforms. Equipped with joystick mix / morph functions and a new graphically enhanced wave sequence representation, it allows you to intuitively control an unprecedented variety of sounds.
Montpellier– Analog synthesizer 4VCO. A legend among the synthesizers and analog synthesizers of the KORG family, “Mono / Poly” has been redesigned. In addition to the 4VCO, Montpellier has 2 multi-effects and 8 patches that store settings for 159 different modulation sources affecting 35 different directions. Montpellier packs the power of Mono / Poly into a gadget that generates a wide variety of rich analog sounds with ease and control.
Montreal – Vintage electric piano. This is an electric piano that realistically reproduces the characteristic tones of a vintage electric piano with a pleasant sound. With multiple levels of velocity layers, the sound is extremely realistic across the entire dynamic range from soft to strong notes.
Otorii“We are proud to announce our partnership with Sega. Focusing on the arcade games that were popular in the 80s like Out Run and After Burner, the drum sounds and sound effects were recently taken from the original equipment. Inspired by the Mega Drive and featuring a 16-bit logo, this nostalgic design is a distinctive beat sound generator gadget.
Phoenix – Polyphonic analog synthesizer. This polyphonic synthesizer offers classic vintage design and sound. Its painstaking analog emulation delivers analog sound with warmth and presence. This is a comprehensive synthesizer that can be used for chord backing, pad sounds, or more.
Pompei– 6-voice analog synthesizer based on the Korg Polysix synthesizer. This is a 6-voice classic in gadgets and standalone apps!
Recife is a futuristic drummer. This retro futuristic drum gadget offers 16 pads and incredible sounds to suit your beat making needs. Create powerful sounds as you wish with our carefully crafted vintage rhythm machine, which includes acoustic drums, sound effects, and a variety of beats. Provides 30 different battle-ready whales for a wide variety of genres.
Rosario– Guitar effects processor. This incredibly inspirational guitar amp gives you the unmistakable depth and atmosphere of a guitar amp. Plug it into your DAW and you can play, perform and record as much as you want. Offers 30 different accurately modeled presets using 19 different amps, from vintage to modern high gain, 12 different cabinets and 24 different effects pedals.
Salzburg– Premium acoustic piano. This is a premium acoustic piano gadget that contains loop-free data carefully curated from world-renowned acoustic pianos. Your game dynamics will switch between different levels of sampled data, responding to velocity and expressing changes in velocity with a rich dynamic range.
Stockholm– A gadgetised version of the classic Dr. Octo Rex from Reason, Propellerhead’s award-winning music production software. Stockholm by Reason allows you to easily and freely control loops and samples using your keyboard or drum pads. Switch between eight loops in real time. Stockholm by Reason is a Cradle of Phrases machine that generates new life from your loops by cutting and reordering them. If you have your own REX files, try importing them using this gadget. You will have a lot of fun!
Taipei– finally adds MIDI Out for Gadget. For many, this might just be a nice little update, but for advanced KORG Gadget users, it’s much more. Taipei is a gadget for seamless connection to various MIDI devices, which can be connected without software. Make music with KORG Gadget 2 and have more fun than ever before.
Tokyo – Analog percussion synthesizer. This is a drum gadget that has incorporated four compact analog-type sound modules into a single body. Each module contains parameters tuned for kick, snare, tom and percussion respectively, allowing you to experience the extraordinary pleasure of creating sound with these analog modules.
Vancouver– Sampler with melody layering function. You can create an endless number of sounds with this simple sampler gadget that lets you play preloaded sounds with ease using your keyboard. With retro designs and over 90 unique sounds including acoustic instruments, synthesizers, voice and sound effects. In addition to the preset tones, you can also import your own sounds into two sample generators.
Warszawa– Advanced wavetable synthesizer “ELECTRIBE Wave”, capable of creating innovative and advanced sounds. Unlike PCM synthesis, the wavetable synthesizer allows you to repeatedly play chunks of short signals and change the position of the waveform during playback. By combining a wave generator with a powerful filter and two modulation modules, you can create a wide variety of sounds.
Wolfsburg– Hybrid polyphonic synthesizer. This gadget is a collection of characteristic analog synthesizer waveforms that have been re-sampled using digital technology. Featuring two effect blocks and four modulation matrix systems, it features a dynamic and powerful sound that matches its tastefully black themed panel layout.

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