Plugin Alliance & NEOLD – WARBLE 1.0.0 (macOS)

Tape modulation plugin for vintage lo-fi sounds.
The developer says Warble “makes whatever you put into it breathe special, warm and analog.” How to do it? Let’s take a look.
Warble consists of three main effect blocks that can be used individually or in combination. The modulation block simulates effects such as “wah” and “flutter”, thereby imparting vintage-style imperfections to the signal. Settings range from subtle modulations to irregular and wavy sounds. Combined with the plug-in’s tape speed controls (start, stop, fast, slow) this gives you a rich palette of modulations.
Next up is the Aging section, which lets you choose how vintage the sound will be. In addition to the age of the tape, you can tweak the noise and dirt settings to create the illusion of a tape that has been forgotten in the attic for decades.
Finally, Warble offers a pair of high and low pass filters with individual resonance modifiers. The developer says that they give the sound of technical correction, but can also generate harsh signal shaping, such as muffled radio or telephone sounds.
Everything is globally controlled by the ribbon feed and speed controls (although it does not perform tape stop effects) and the global mix knob. This means you can add as much modulation, mud and filtering as you like.

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