Lucid Samples – BUMPY 4X4 HOUSE LOOPS

Phat presents an exceptional collection of 50 top-tier drum loops tailored for UK Garage (UKG), 4×4, and Underground House music production. Dive into the world of infectious rhythms and elevate your tracks with these high-quality loops.

Sample Pack Contents

This meticulously crafted sample pack offers a diverse selection of 4×4 House and UKG drum loops to fuel your creative endeavors:

  • Drum Loops:
    • 112 Drum Loops in WAV format
    • 112 Apple Loops for seamless integration into your projects
    • 111 Drum Loops in REX2 format for added versatility

Why Choose Bumpy 4×4 House Loops?

Phat’s “Bumpy 4×4 House Loops” is a must-have for any producer looking to infuse their music with the distinctive groove and energy of UKG, 4×4, and Underground House genres. These meticulously crafted drum loops are designed to provide the backbone of your tracks, offering both inspiration and convenience.

Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting your music production journey, these high-quality loops will help you achieve that sought-after sound that defines UK Garage and Underground House. With the flexibility of multiple formats, you can seamlessly integrate these loops into your preferred digital audio workstation and start creating right away.

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