MAGIX – MAGIX Independence Pro Library v3.0 DVD9 (SOUNDBANK)

Library for the sampler MAGIX – Independence Pro v3.6.0 R2R
MAGIX – Independence Pro v3.6.0 R2R
Difference from the version – MAGIX – Independence Library (YTIF) MAGIX – Independence Library (YTIF) the ability to install the installer from R2R. The version of MAGIX – Independence Library (YTIF) on the new MAGIX – Independence Pro v3.6.0 R2R gives a license error.
The Independence sampler workstation combines a collection of high quality sampled instruments with intuitive sound design options. Independence can be used in three different modes – as a creative tool for music production, an effects rack for sound design, or a host application for live performances.
With precise microphones, cutting-edge technology, the finest session musicians, and outstanding instruments, quality and attention to detail come through in every sound in the sample library.

Additional information, installation
From myself: I would be glad if someone took my distribution and created their own (based on mine), because I don’t have the opportunity to distribute this distribution for a long time. I create distribution only to help people who are looking for a workable library for this sampler (in the new version v3.6.0).
1 Clean your computer and registry of the remnants of previous versions of MAGIX – Independence Pro and MAGIX – Independence Library.
2 Install MAGIX – Independence Pro v3.6.0 R2R
3 Install Independence Pro 3.0 Installer -> independence.content.pro_1_0_0_0.exe (can be installed directly without installing Independence Basic 3.0 Installer). I have Independence Pro 3.0 Installer installed the entire library.
4 During installation, specify the drive that contains the files (when prompted to specify the path).
5 After installation, if the library is not found, run MAGIX – Independence Pro v3.6.0 R2R in DAW and in Preference -> Library make sure that the path is specified (it should register itself during the installation of the library, if I’m not mistaken).
6 It is advisable not to delete the distribution kit itself (discs with ytif files and the installer) of the library, in case a re-installation is required, since in the future if you reinstall MAGIX – Independence Pro v3.6.0 R2R, the library will have to be reinstalled again with the Independence Pro 3.0 Installer. It will not be possible to simply add a previously installed library to a newly installed MAGIX – Independence Pro v3.6.0 R2R.

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