Arturia Sound Banks Bundle 2024.5 for Windows

311 unlocked Arturia Sound Banks & 283 Third Party Sound Banks.

In addition to the two left hands of architecture with a million small pictures, the Arturia plugins also have a paranoid flaw in checking the license of protected presets – it is checked by legitimate each of more than 10,000 protected presets, which significantly increases the initialization time of plugins.

Therefore, to accelerate loads, all protected presets were cleared and unlocked. Now, these purified presets can be used even with third-party imperfect releases (e.g., R2R) that did not support protected presets.

  • Download Arturia – Sound Banks Bundle 2024.5 (SOUNDBANK)
  • Original Publisher: Arturia
  • Version: 2024.5
  • Category: Sound Libraries
  • License type: Full
  • Download Size: 19.95 GB

7 Comments on “Arturia Sound Banks Bundle 2024.5 for Windows”

  1. Most of the presets when I click on them to use or even preview makes my daw (fl studio) or standalone vst in arturia or v lab close/crash… why is it doing that ? I’ve reinstalled it and nothing seems to work.

  2. same thing happening with me. Most of the presets didn’t make a sound. I uninstalled, reinstalled, all that. Didn’t get a sound. Really want to use this.

  3. Worked ok for me I guess. Everything installed and played right, but it was causing my daw horrible GUI freezes for some reason, was pulling my hair out trying to figure out the issue for a while: it was this. Uninstalled it and it was fine again. I blame Pro tools more than anything but just putting it out there in case anyone is having the same issue.

  4. Uninstall any previous Arturia sound banks. Install the new ones. Make sure to run your DAW or Analog Lab as ”’Administrator”’

    Tried this with FL Studio with 80+ sounds and works great. Hope this helps.

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