MAGIX Sound Forge Pro 17 Suite x64 R2R

Sound Forge Pro 17 Suite!

This professional software package for recording, editing and processing high-quality audio files, includes a number of powerful plug-ins such as the latest Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 8 and Melodyne Essential, and sets a new standard in audio.
There are missing elements in the distribution : Noise Reduction; Acoustic Mirror Impulse , which Magix has not included in the official installer for the past few years

!!! Torrent re-uploaded to version !!! , please download the torrent again!

Note: The files in the ” R2R ” folder are different; when I tried to reinstall Forge on top, I was told “You already have the current version installed, uninstall it first”, I had to completely uninstall Sound Forge, clean the registry, and then install it again. I did not touch Noise Reduction , it works normally in the reinstalled version.
Add. information
Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 8 is the most advanced audio spectrum editor on the market that transforms audio into a unique visual world of multi-dimensional audio data. With such a visual approach and an extensive set of tools, SpectraLayers makes it easy to rearrange, extract and optimize sounds in ways that were previously unimaginable. The new version 8 is the perfect addition to the Sound Forge Pro 16 Suite with improved tools and workflows. This allows automatic processes based on artificial intelligence at several levels to provide the best possible results.

Separation of layers.
Thanks to new tools based on artificial intelligence technology, audio tracks can now be separated in Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 8. This means that music can be separated and separated into separate layers. Extract vocals, piano, bass, drums and other instruments from stems or separate sound, noise and transition layers. Use the new split feature as a creative tool for remixing new songs.

Integration of external DAWs.
Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 8 can seamlessly access editing effects from other audio applications, which means it can be used immediately with the selected audio file. Any changes you make are also synced.

New in version
New! External FX (Suite version only)
New! Improved compatibility with VST plugins.
New! Melodyne Essential version 5.3 (Suite version only)
New! Redesigned volume visualization.
New! Optimized multi-channel workflow
New! Advanced plugin manager
New! New resampling engine
New! Optimized Onboarding
► Mastering and restoring with iZotope plug-ins: Ozone 10 Elements and RX 10 Elements
► 32-channel audio recording, editing and processing
► VST Engine and ARA2 support
► Recording up to 64-bit/768 kHz
► Numerous sound effects and plugins for sound design, mixing and mastering.
► zplane elastiquePro v3 Timestretch
Installation and treatment
1. Run (as administrator) the file ” SOUND_FORGE_Pro_17.0.0.81_Suite_DLV_INT_x64.exe ” , select the desired options before installation.
2. From the folder ” R2R ” copy the file ” Forge17.exe ” with the replacement to the root of the folder where Sound Forge was installed.
3. From the folder ” R2R – Protein ” copy the file ” Protein_x64.4.2.dll ” with the replacement to the folder of the same name in the root folder of the installed program.
4. From the ” SounForge elements trial Installers ” folder, install the necessary additional elements.
+ If you wish, you can download and install some additional elements from the official site using the official utility ” trial_soundforgepro16suite_dlm_ui89be.exe “, after launch, just select the necessary elements and confirm. After a complete download, the program will ask you to install each element individually.

!!! IMPORTANT !!! When installing Spectral Lab (in general, any products from Steinberg), you must have a license, otherwise, these elements will not work, moreover, after installing “Spectral Lab”, I lost the official license for basic plug-ins from my Steinberg UR22C sound card . It is much better to install the full versions of Steinberg Pro separately with registration, as a plugin.

Changing the interface language
Run regedit.exe , and choose the path there:
Double click on the line with the ULangID language code, and enter the Russian code – 419 .

After entering the language code, confirm the operation “OK”. If it doesn’t work right away, restart the system to make changes to the registry.

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