Pulsar Modular – Plugins Bundle v2023.10

Free Download Plugins Bundle by Pulsar Modular Latest Version 2023 as Offline Installer for Windows.

Overview of Pulsar Modular Bundle

Pulsar Modular offers audio plugins that are claimed to be superior in sound and workflow to analog audio equipment.

Features of Pulsar Modular Bundle

Here’s a description of the included plugins:

  • P11 Abyss v2.0.2: A versatile compressor that can operate in both ultra-clean and super-dirty modes, offering various compression characteristics.
  • P42 Climax Mod v5.6.5: An innovative powerstrip for shaping and coloring timbre, saturation, and more, akin to using multiple pro-class audio devices.
  • P44 Magnum v1.0.3: Building on the P42 richness with new circuits and added features like Oomph, Poomph, and a clipper.
  • P440 Sweet Spot v1.4.4: A unique tool that enhances infrasonic frequencies, providing a punchier and more open sound.
  • P565 Siren v2.4.7: High and low pass filters with selectable slopes and customizable musical resonance, along with notch/peak filters for fine-tuning.
  • P915 Medusa v1.0.0: An evolution of the P914 FFB, designed for live performance and creative production, with features like cross-channel frequency division and delay.

Technical Details & System Requirements

  • Format: VST3, AAX.
  • Bit capacity: 64bit
  • System requirements: WIN 10+

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