Martinic – Retro Pack 2021.10

Martinic RetroPack -

Pack from the Past Get an authentic vintage vibe with the Retro Pack. This set of precisely modeled instruments and effects will allow you to recreate this nostalgic mojo without the need for a time machine.
Retro Pack includes the following products:
AX73 1.0.2“Martinic took everything that was valuable about the original AX73 and turned it into a powerful, flexible software tool that fits perfectly into the modern synthesizer lineup.
Elka Panther 1.2.1 is an accurate emulation of the Elka Panther 300, also known as Capri, a classic Italian combo organ from the 60s.
Kee Bass 1.0.1 is a virtual instrument that has been faithfully modeled on the Rheem Kee Bass of the 60s with some modern advanced features.
Lem Echo Music 1.0.1 – Recreates the nostalgic tones of the old Italian tape delay effect from Lem.
Scanner Vibrato 1.0.2 is a virtual effects plug-in that recreates the Scanner Vibrato effect from a well-known tonal organ.

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