Audiority – Plugins Bundle 2021.10 (WIN.OSX)

Plugin-set consisting of:
Audiority.Distortion.1 .mkII.v2.0.1

GENERAL plugins description
The list of modules is in the description in the distribution header.
Big Goat – Virtual simulator of a vintage pedal fuzz.
Blue Face —Virtual vintage pedal fuse simulator
Deleight is a stereo multiple delay processor based on hardware processors from the 90s.
Distortion 1 is an analog model vintage distortion plug-in.
The Echoes T7E is a faithful model of a vintage tube magnetic echo created in Italy in the early 60s.
GrainSpace is a granular processor focused on the granularization and reverberation of the incoming audio signal in real time.
Harmonic Maximizer– is a multiband exciter and volume shaping plugin that will make your tracks powerful and livelier.
Heavy Pedal – emulates a vintage analog pedal.
The LDC2 Compander is an analog optical compressor and expander with replaceable optical circuits, preamplifier and output stage. The LDC2 offers a unique compression character, providing smooth, warm dynamics processing for mixing, mastering and live performance.
Klirrton grindsteinBest Death Metal Preamp Pedal. Audiority claims its new Klirrton Grindstein is the perfect set of plugins for death metal fans. During development, Audiority teamed up with Klirrton Manufaktur and producer Christian Kohle of Kohlekeller Studio. So wait for the chainsaw! This new distortion / preamp plugin should give you all that death metal from the 90s and beyond. You get two channels to mix together, with the Bottomshaker and Chainsaw names sounding exactly like their names. Additional amplification is also available based on the Lichtbringer preamp circuitry, so there are plenty of possibilities here!
Plexitape – Analog Vintage Tape Delay.
PolarisIs an echo / reverb plugin based on early hardware digital reverbs from the late 1970s and capable of providing echo, ambience and reverb from a single multipath delay line.
The Pre X7 is an analog modeled preamp based on the iconic vintage tube instrumentation, mainly for bass, that we’ve modified to handle multiple sound sources.
Side Filter – High Pass filter designed to remove low frequencies from the Side component of the stereo mix.
The abuser– Aggressive distortion effect, ideal to give you a unique sound for your guitars, basses, synths, drums, etc. We’ve programmed a rich sounding distortion effect to suit both classical and modern music styles.
TS-1 Transient Shaper is a frequency transient shaper designed to control the attack and sustain of the incoming signal. Thanks to our Saturation Compression concept, the TC-1 works great to add warmth and drive to your drum tracks without losing the dynamics of the
Tube Modulator.– is a collection of tremolo, vibrato and other positional effects. In addition to the usual effects, the plugin also offers emulation of Leslie, Panner and Wow Flutter effects. The user can select the emulation used with a dedicated knob, and also adjust the sound waveform using the LFO knob. In the center of the interface there is also a special display that shows the amplitude and changes in the signal in real time.
XenoVerb is a creative multi-algorithmic reverb.

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