[Medialife] Track from scratch to finished result in FL Studio. Course 3 in 1

In this video course you will go through all the stages of writing music in FL Studio. Including arrangement, mixing and mastering.

1) Introduction
1.1) Introduction. Track analysis, timings and BPM
2) Arrangement
2.1) What you need Arrangement chips
2.2) Writing the drum part
2.3) Writing the Brass part
2.4) Writing the main melody for the drop
2.5) Writing the second melody for the drop
2.6) Placing the drop in the playlist
2.7) Writing the Intro
2.8) Build-Up writing
2.9) Variety and percussion
2.10) Pit writing
2.11) Second drop, outro, export
3) Mixing
3.1) Mixing. Organization of the project
3.2) Mixing. General Concepts and Steps
3.3) Mixing Plugins and Useful Techniques
3.4) Drum Mixing
3.5) Mixing bass, brass and percussion
3.6) Mixing leads
3.7) Mixing pit, second drop and export
4) Mastering

Add. information : In the distribution there is a .html file for the browser, which contains a page with useful information and the videos themselves. But, for unknown reasons, the videos are no longer played there. Therefore, in fact, they are pumped out and included in the distribution.
PS To get started, download index.html and the assets folder. You may not have to download the videos (they will suddenly play in the browser).

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