MIA Laboratories – Musiqual Bundle MkII 1.0.0

audiostorrent.com-MIA Laboratories - Musiqual Bundle MkII

Get the perfect combination of Class A, lamps and transistors in one package! MIA Laboratories has announced the availability of the MKII version of the Musiqual Red, Green and Blue plugins.
Musiqual Red MKII is an analog lamp single-band equalizer with 31 preset frequency bands, well known to lamp enthusiasts from generation to generation.
Musiqual Green MKII is a semi-parameter equalizer that provides a fairly transparent sound with a “transistor” aroma, so characteristic of analog technology.
Musiqual Blue MKII strives to provide digital equalization with a very vibrant fragrance created from the accumulated
experience of countless hours of work on Analog Equipment Class A. Musiqual tools incorporate all the characteristics and inner workings of their iron counterparts and provide the user with an easy way to achieve the perfect combination of tone and color.

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