[Mix With The Masters] Deconstructi ng A Mix #47 – My Chemical Romance “Welcome to the Black Parade”

Look inside Chris’s impressive studio “Mix LA” to see the legendary mix engineer behind work! In this five-part release, CLA remixes My Chemical Romance’s multi-award-winning rock anthem “Welcome to the Black Parade”.
Despite his ability to deliver top-notch results while working in a box, Chris takes on this ambitious project in his favorite way – all-analogue! Making the most of his SSL 4000 console and enviable hardware collection, the Grammy winner demonstrates his workflow using nothing but hardware processing.
Throughout this video series, you’ll be able to see up close how the CLA works with the console, external devices, and Pro Tools, which is used primarily for playback and printing. Chris talks about his choice of equipment and setups for amplifying raw voice, drums, bass, guitars, horns, organ, piano and more.
Enjoy a detailed look at how this master records from A to Z, conveying the efficient and impulsive approach for which he is so respected!

1. Session setup, track count reduction, console, equipment overview, raw material, static balance, VCAs
2. Rhythm section EQ, send effects, guitars, horns, vocals, delay time, normalization, distortion check
3. Reverb units, application to vocals & drums, phase check, inserts, parallel EQ & compression, mix chain
4. Automation pass, workflow preferences, punching in, muting, clip gain, fade out
5. Fine tuning, mix print, listening through
There are subtitles in Russian, English and Spanish.

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