[Mix With The Masters] Inside The Track #82 – The Kooks “Naive”

Tony Hoffer begins this five part series by tracing his path through the industry. The Grammy-nominated engineer talks about how he rose through the ranks and built long-term relationships with a host of world-class artists including Beck, Air, Phoenix, M83 and more.
Tony then plays back original recordings he made with British indie pop band The Kooks, sharing excerpts from their early Konk and Strongroom studio sessions. He talks about how he collaborated with the band to define their signature sound, focusing on pre-production, performance training and session planning. You’ll learn all of his technical strategies for gear selection, leak reduction, time signature cueing, tape compilation, and digital post-production.
These production decisions contributed to the hit single that launched the band’s career and introduced a new generation to the Britpop sound.

1. Early inspirations, professional journey, networking, A&R relationships
2. Meeting the band, pre-production, song structure, tracking approach, studio setup
3. Rhythm section, guitar overdubs, amp selection, performance coaching
4. Lead guitar, click tracks , comping techniques, vocal tracking, harmonies
5. Additional rhythm tracks, finalizing arrangement, following instincts
There are subtitles in Russian, English and Spanish.

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