MusiCore – Hexagon Sounds (SERUM, PRESETS)

Hexagon Sounds contains 80 custom presets for Xfer Serum. These presets were designed in the style of Hexagon Records.
We have included many advanced presets ranging from leads and basses to LFO chords and plucks; you will find it all in this package!
With these presets, you can apply Hexagon’s unique sound to your tracks and create your next hit!

80 Cutting-Edge Presets:
19 Lead Presets
19 Bass Presets
11 Pluck Presets
11 Chord Presets
7 LFO Chord Presets
4 Pad Presets
4 Reese Bass Presets
2 Sub Bass Presets
Xfer Serumv 1.33

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