[Nail The Mix] Logan Mader – Gojira “Toxic Garbage Island”

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to mix one of the best metal drummers, Mario Duplantier? You will learn!
In this video, Logan Mader takes the already amazing snare sound from Gojira’s “Toxic Garbage Island” and brings it to perfection.
He uses Pro Tools, Metric Halo Transient Control and Metric Halo Channel Strip 3.

Nail The Mix with Logan Mader & Gojira.mp4

3 Comments on “[Nail The Mix] Logan Mader – Gojira “Toxic Garbage Island””

  1. Please upload the other band multitracks, fleshgod apocalypse, tesseract and the controtionist it’s already on audioZ, i need a torrent file here please 🙂

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