Native Instruments – DEEP MATTER v.2 Expansion (MASCHINE, BATTERY, MASSIVE, MONARK)

Deep Melodic Techno Inspiration Experience the essence of Berlin’s underground sound with DEEP MATTER. This exceptional collection includes:

  • 48 meticulously crafted MASCHINE Kits.
  • 52 BATTERY Kits featuring found sound percussion and atmospheric field recordings.
  • 10 cutting-edge MASSIVE presets.
  • 15 dynamic MONARK presets, perfect for bass, chords, and leads.

Version Note: While some sites may refer to DEEP MATTER as version 2.0.1, please note that it is, in fact, version, mirroring the distribution here. Notably, this updated version boasts content that is nearly double in size compared to the original release.

The Sound of Berlin: DEEP MATTER is an homage to Berlin’s musical evolution. It traces the city’s techno journey from its gritty, raw beginnings following the fall of the Berlin Wall to the refined, minimalistic tones of today. Embracing labels like Steyoyoke, Crossfrontier Audio, and Stil vor Talent, DEEP MATTER brings you Berlin’s soulful, ethereal techno.

Crafted with Torsten Fassbender: DEEP MATTER is a collaborative masterpiece created with the expertise of Torsten Fassbender.

Polished and Potent: DEEP MATTER pulsates with moody basslines, melancholic pads, and crisp percussion, faithfully capturing Berlin’s euphoric yet enigmatic techno scene. The inclusion of found sounds, such as empty cans and marbles, adds depth and texture. Reamped hand drums contribute richness and emotion to the soundscapes. Tuned drum sounds, ready-to-use patterns, sub-bass, drone presets, and analog synth pads come together to deliver a sonic punch that embodies Berlin’s unique atmosphere. Authentic field recordings from Berlin further enhance the expansion’s genuine character.

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