Native Instruments – Fables (KONTAKT)

Overview of Fables: “Fables” is a remarkable cinematic library designed to craft tales through sound. It offers a collection of evolving ensemble textures, allowing users to seamlessly blend and layer various high-quality acoustic instruments within a three-layer engine, enabling the creation of multidimensional soundscapes.

Features of Fables:

  • Ensemble Texture Creation: “Fables” builds upon the tradition of “Lores” by empowering users to mix and layer a diverse range of premium acoustic instruments. This three-layer engine facilitates the generation of unique and immersive soundscapes.

  • Compatibility: To utilize “Fables,” you need either NI Kontakt FULL v7.5 or the free NI Kontakt Player.

Additional Details of Fables: “Fables” equips you with the tools to infuse motion, magic, and mysticism into your music, whether you’re composing a cinematic score or adding dynamic elements to electronic performances.

The library encompasses blendable string sections, male and female choirs, woodwind instruments, tuned percussion, pads, low brass, French horn ensembles, and even the distinctive waterphone. Each sampled instrument is performed by virtuoso artists, delivering a wide array of articulations and creative possibilities.

Expressive Control: “Fables” offers a unique level of expressiveness through polyphonic aftertouch. This means that each note can independently convey its dynamics and nuances, allowing for delicate and nuanced performances. You have the ability to finely adjust individual voice parameters, including volume, panning, filters, pitch, and modulation, adding depth and emotion to your compositions and live performances.

Quick Overview:

  • Product Type: KOMPLETE Instrument
  • Sound Type: Instrument with Organic Texture
  • NKIs Present: 1
  • Download Size: 57 GB
  • System Requirements: Free Kontakt Player or Kontakt (version 7.5 or higher) is necessary for operation.

“Fables” serves as a versatile tool for storytelling through sound, offering a wide range of organic and synthetic tones and providing deep control over your compositions and performances.

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  1. Is this working for you guys? On my mac it gives CRC errors in the zip file. Re-downloaded 5 times, no change. How did this go for you guys?

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