Native Instruments – Komplete FX Bundle VST, VST3, AAX x64

Native Instruments is a leading manufacturer of software and hardware software for computer sound production and DJing. The company’s mission is to develop innovative, fully integrated solutions for all musical styles and professions. The resulting products regularly push the technological frontiers and open up new creative horizons for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Plugins included
•Bite v1.3.1 – bit-crushing
•Choral v1.3.1 – chorus
•Dirt v1.3.1 – distortion
•Driver v1.4.5 – distortion
•Enhanced EQ v1.4.5 – tube EQ by Softube
•Flair v1.3.1 – flanger
•Freak v1.3.1 – modulation
•Passive EQ v1.4.5 – 4-band passive EQ by Softube
•Phasis v1.3.1 – phaser
•Raum v1.3.1 – creative reverb
•RC 24 v1.4.5 – classic Lexicon reverb by Softube
•RC 48 v1 .4.5 – classic Lexicon reverb by Softube
•Replika v1.6.1 – delay
•Replika XT v1.3.1 – multi-mode delay
•Solid Bus Comp v1.4.5 – bus compressor by coolstafflabs
•Solid Dynamics v1.4.5 – compressor by coolstafflabs
•Solid EQ v1.4.5 – 6-band EQ
•Supercharger GT v1.4.5 – saturation compressor by coolstafflabs
•Transient Master v1.4.5 – Transienter
•Vari Comp v1.4.5 – tube compressor by Softube
•VC 2A v1.4.5 – optical compressor by Softube
•VC 76 v1.4.5 – FET compressor by Softube
•VC 160 v1.4.5 – VCA compressor by Softube

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