Native Instruments – Play Series SWAY

Indulge in the smooth and mellow vibes of hip hop with SWAY, a dynamic instrument designed to channel the essence of soulful beats. Dive into a collection of 150 versatile presets, featuring iconic electric pianos, synths, guitars, and pads meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the genre.


  • Original Samples and Analog Effects: SWAY’s sound palette is built on authentic samples and enhanced with analog effects to deliver that classic, old-school hip hop sound.
  • Intuitive Play Series: Enjoy the convenience of a Play Series instrument, offering top-quality presets and real-time control through an easy-to-use interface.
  • Customizable Effects Chain: Tailor your sound with a fully customizable effects chain that empowers you to shape your tracks to perfection.
  • Editable Sequences: Experiment with editable sequences to add your unique touch to the music-making process.

Discover SWAY:

SWAY is a creative collaboration between leading artists in the field, including Emeric Zubar, professionally known as BLAKE. This instrument takes inspiration from the distinctive pianos, guitars, synths, and bells that define the soulful hip hop genre. Each sound is meticulously processed using original, analog hardware and effects to infuse your music with a warm, textured vibe.


SWAY is your ticket to infusing your music with soulful, gritty hip hop flavor. It’s packed with a wealth of laid-back, melodic presets that are ready to spark your creative ideas. With hands-on macro controls, you can easily fine-tune your sound, while the customizable effects chain ensures that your tracks sound exactly as you envision them.

Soulful Essence of Hip Hop:

Get inspired by the soulful, gritty sound of hip hop with SWAY, a Play Series instrument that pays homage to the genre’s roots. Immerse yourself in its versatile presets, unleash your creativity with real-time control, and craft tracks that capture the timeless essence of hip hop.

SWAY is your pathway to soulful hip hop greatness, created in collaboration with BLAKE. Start your journey today and let the music flow.

Note: All sounds in SWAY have been sampled and processed using original hardware and effects, ensuring an authentic and vintage feel that’s perfect for crafting that classic hip hop sound.

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