Native Instruments – Valves Pro (KONTAKT)

Overview of Valves Pro: Valves Pro is a virtual brass plugin that simplifies the process of creating brass bands with meticulously recorded sounds performed by exceptional session musicians. It requires NI Kontakt FULL v7.5 or the free NI Kontakt Player for use.

Features of Valves Pro:

  • New Sampling Instruments: Valves Pro expands on the features of Valves by introducing three new sampling instruments tailored for solo and ensemble performances.
  • Lush Tones and Textures: These instruments offer lush and dynamic tones and textures, making them ideal for modern music productions and film scoring.
  • Solo and Ensemble Instruments: Valves Pro introduces two new instrument additions – Solo and Ensemble, along with the Player engine from Valves, providing a wider range of compositional possibilities.
  • Complex Solo Melodies: With the five available instruments, you can layer complex solo melodies to create intricate ensemble parts.
  • Articulation Variety: Choose from 62 articulations for complete versatility, or activate Virtuoso mode to let the engine select articulations based on your velocity and expression choices for seamless performances.
  • Ensemble Performance: Easily build expressive ensemble performances with a single engine and customize articulations for each of the five instruments.
  • Auto Divisi Tool: The clever Auto Divisi tool assigns the most suitable instrument to each chord note for a realistic arrangement.
  • Preset Phrases and Articulations: Access a variety of preset phrases and articulations in the player for instant inspiration. Arrange these articulations on a tempo-synchronized grid across all five instruments to create your own looping phrases.

Technical Details of Valves Pro:

  • Product Type: KOMPLETE Brass ensemble, categorized as a type of instrument.
  • Compatibility: Requires the free Kontakt 7 Player or Kontakt 7 Version 7.5 or higher to use the Kontakt instrument.
  • NKIs: Valves Pro includes six NKI files.
  • Size: The instrument’s size is 30.9 GB when compressed, expanding to 50.7 GB when uncompressed.

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