Nembrini Audio – Cali Axis v1.0.0

Based on the famous Mesa Boogie TriAxis* preamplifier, the new Cali Axis plug-in produces a variety of vintage boogie tones.
it’s great for rocking solos, fabulous fluffy leads, prog metal beats and blues jams.
The plug-in provides the subtle creamy boost of the MKI, the tighter and more focused sound of the MKII, and the scooped up rhythm of the MKIV.

John Petrucci, James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett of Metallica used this legendary preamp.

PREAMPLIFIER : Eight separate modes provide the subtle creamy boost of the Mk I, the poignant focus of the Mk I, the staccato rhythm of the Mk IV, and a modified British lead mode. But these are just some of the classic sounds you can get at your fingertips.
FX SECTION : Select, turn on and change the order of individual FX.
POWER AMPLIFIER : Powered by four EL34 virtual tubes with presence, resonance, volume and power switch in a class AB push-pull configuration. The MODERN button modifies the negative feedback in such a way as to give a more “modern” presence behavior.
DIGITAL DELAY FILTER: Gives the delay a Lo-Fi character, and OFFSET creates a time offset in the left/right sections of the delay.
ANALOG MODULATIONS : Select Chorus or Tremolo modulation.
AMBIENT REVERB : hall reverb algorithm.
FILTER A/B: TIGHT : Clockwise rotation reduces low frequency content, narrowing the lower range, suitable for 7/8 string guitars.
RUMBLING : Clockwise rotation reduces the bass content.
HARSH : Clockwise rotation reduces the high frequency content.
ANALOG NOISE GATE : Tuned for guitar and bass with GATE speed control.
STUDIO COMPRESSOR : Maintain dynamics, whether it’s thickening the sound or flattening the levels.

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