Neural Amp Modeler v0.7.4

A free guitar plugin that allows you to upload guitar equipment profiles created using the WaveNet neural network

Correct .entitlements files by @olilarkin in #250
Add NAMFileBrowserControl to group Model/IR loading controls by @olilarkin in #242
Add a drawn text entry control by @olilarkin in #266
Models and IR file browsers open to their last directory repsectively by @ sdatkinson in #283
Select file (model, IR) directory instead of a single file by @sdatkinson in #286
Don’t lose track of directory if an invalid file is attempted to be staged by @sdatkinson in #287
Don’t recurse down file directories when collecting files to iterate through by @sdatkinson in #289
Update IPlug2 for new IDirBrowseControlBase argument by @olilarkin in #292
Open files on all targets except macOS standalone by @sdatkinson in #297
Fix memory issues by @sdatkinson in #298
Set chosen item in popup menu by @olilarkin in #299

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