Nextmidi – Divisimate 1.3.2 STANDALONE (macOS)

Nextmidi’s Divisimate is a software application that aims to revolutionize the way music producers and composers work with MIDI data. The application is designed to split and distribute MIDI notes and data across multiple tracks and instruments, allowing for more efficient and creative workflows.

At its core, Divisimate is a MIDI splitter and router that enables users to divide and assign MIDI notes to different tracks and instruments in real-time. This allows for more flexibility and control when working with complex MIDI arrangements, such as orchestral scores, where multiple instruments and sections need to be controlled separately.

Its intelligent splitting algorithms analyze the MIDI data and automatically assign notes to the appropriate tracks and instruments. This can save users a significant amount of time and effort, as they no longer have to manually split and distribute MIDI data across multiple tracks.

Divisimate also features a range of creative tools and features that can help users enhance and manipulate their MIDI data. These include chord detection, arpeggiators, and randomizers, which can be used to create complex and interesting MIDI patterns and sequences.

The application supports a range of popular DAWs, including Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, and Cubase, as well as a variety of virtual instruments and samplers.

Nextmidi’s Divisimate is a powerful and innovative tool that can help music producers and composers work more efficiently and creatively with MIDI data. Its intelligent splitting algorithms, creative features, and integration with popular DAWs and virtual instruments make it a valuable addition to any music production workflow. If you’re looking to streamline your MIDI workflows and take your compositions to the next level, Divisimate is definitely worth checking out.

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