Nimble Tools – Nimble Kick 1.1.0 – VST3 x64

NimbleTools NimbleKick

From the developer of Misstortion comes the Nimble Kick, a kick sampler. Primarily used for hard hitting, it has several excellent delivery algorithms specially adapted and tuned for this purpose. This plugin was developed with the help and feedback from professional hardstyle DJs Code Black and Frontliner, as well as many other producers.
More :
• Drag a sample into the plugin and start playing notes directly with midi!
• Separation of punch and tail – the ability to supply only a tailor to supply the entire sample.
• Four different feeding algorithms to choose from.
• Midi Note Velocity, which controls the note output volume.
• Dynamic camber in the pitch of the impact tail.
• Option for monophonic or polyphonic output.
• ADSR envelope for notes.
• Clipping and normalization of the sample.
• Possibility to make the beat monaural.
• Brick wall limiter.
• Distortion section with the ability to distort only the tail of the blow.
• Kick FX section for fast distortion effects.
• Filter section for post-processing with shelves and canopy.
• Volume controls for individual sections.
• Advanced transient control capabilities.
• Select reverb options.

What’s new
Nimble Kick 1.1.0 is out now with a bunch of new features. Enjoy this free update!
• A new advanced transient control section has been added.
• Added controls for the balance of impact and tail.
• Added impact reverb effect.
• Added additional options to the Kick FX section: new filters, mixing control and switching between main and voice processing.
• The waveform view can now display a few more effects in real time.
• If a pattern is missing, it will now appear in red text in the pattern path field so you can easily see what is missing.
• Fixed display error of some icons.
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