NoiseAsh – Rule Tec All Collection v1.8.6 WIN/MAC VST3, AAX, AU x64

Extremely accurate legends compete against each other friend.
Legendary passive equalizers have long been the first choice of leading recording and mastering engineers since their release. When it was first on the market; this specially designed and handcrafted device has changed the game in recording studios as you now have the ability to manipulate sound even further than before,
bringing it closer to the beginning of the mix and making it feel like you’re in a room with the performer. With tons of research and hard work; we are proud to present extremely accurate models of these legendary Rule Tec® Collection EQs. The legendary tone is here with all the legendary signature features including the “trick”.

What is inside?
EQ1A –
Classic mixing and mastering equalizer.
EQ5M –
The EQ5M is a classic midrange EQ for mixing and mastering. In addition to the EQ5M, the F3C has been added with unique high and low pass filters to tame harshness.
FC3C + EQ1A + EQ5M… All three models in one plugin. Very powerful block combines all Rule Tec models.
Product Features
Extremely faithful reproduction of the circuitry of the most popular vintage studio EQs ever made.
Complex legendary filter interaction with smooth and musical curves.
Unique analog behavior of THD, tubes, hum, etc.
A friend of the processor.
Changeable GUI.

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