NuGen Audio – SEQ-S (WIN/OSX)

SEQ-S provides powerful sonic equalization and EQ up to 7.1, stereo mid-side operation and automated spectrum analysis. Correct adjustment of any audio with incredible resolution that you simply cannot get with the traditional parametric interface. Direct-draw interface and detailed spectrum analysis will help you tweak your audio quickly and easily.
Fitting One Recording to Another
Besides traditional EQ, you can also use SEQ-S to capture a piece of original audio and then transfer it to your current work — a great option for restoring and harmonizing your work. Or use the same technique on separate tracks to unify microphone positions and more.
Creating a “perfect” space
Invert EQ control provides a minimally aggressive technique for creating space in complex mixes where traditional EQs would simply be too cumbersome. By ‘sampling’ vocals and applying an inverted curve to the substrate, it is possible to neatly create a specific space without having to change the original key of the main audio.
High definition low frequency control
Unlike many linear phase equalizers, the SEQ-S has a unique quality setting that gives it greater precision at low frequencies, allowing transparent adjustments without muddying the mix. The resolution is scalable to suit your application. Choose whatever you want to work with during mastering, or change the settings to run multiple instances at the same time while mixing.

Linear Phase Technology
Transparent sound without phase smearing
Sharper transients
No phase warping
High specification match EQ
Match different takes and environments
Mono, stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 operation
Clone source EQ to target mix
Create specific EQ spaces
Invert facility to sculpt specific space
Mid / Side options available
Individual surround channel access
Precise & Scalable
Easily generate complex curves
Curve scale and smoothing
Intuitive zoomable interface

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