Unison – MIDI Wizard 1.1.25

A magical way to create hits in 30 genres and endless inspiration!
The world’s first (and only) chord and melody generator that sounds good 93% of the time.
Create crazy chord progressions in no time, and chord progressions are the backbone of any hit song.
This is why Billboard # 1 songs like “The Box”, “God Plan” and “Thank U, Next” are based on one great chord progression.
With the MIDI Wizard, you can captivate listeners with beautiful, custom-made chord progressions. From basic to hard and insanely advanced, you have endless possibilities at your fingertips.
Create mind-blowing melodies instantly The
melody of your song can be a determining factor in whether the listener skips it or plays it back over and over.
For your tunes to be radio-worthy, they must evoke emotion, be memorable, be able to call and be answered, among other things.
With MIDI Wizard, you can hook your listeners with customizable tunes that follow proven patterns of popular songs.
If you’ve ever bumped into a brick wall halfway through a song, you know how frustrating blocking its production is.
With the MIDI Wizard, you can instantly randomly generate an unlimited number of professional-grade chords and melodies …
That way, you never run out of ideas, you can always deal with production blockages, and you don’t stare aimlessly at an empty DAW.
And you get the inspiration it takes to finish the unfinished projects to finally release them.

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  1. Please, it would be really awesome if you could get us Bass Dragon. Thanks for all the great work you’ve been helping us with!

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