Overloud – Gem EQ550 1.1.6 [Intel/Apple] [WIN K-Gen]

The power of authentic American EQ with our groundbreaking Proportional Q Equalizer. This advanced software takes EQ simulation to the next level, faithfully replicating the iconic Proportional Q Equalizer through cutting-edge 4th generation DSP technology. Whether you’re a seasoned audio engineer or a passionate music producer, Proportional Q offers a level of realism that goes beyond the original hardware.


  • Hyper-Realistic Simulation: Thanks to our state-of-the-art 4th generation DSP technology, Proportional Q delivers a hyper-realistic simulation of the original hardware. Every nuance, characteristic, and sonic detail is faithfully reproduced, giving you an unparalleled EQ experience.

  • 5-Band EQ Control: Proportional Q features a versatile 5-band EQ with 2 shelving/peaking bands, 2 peaking bands, 1 high cut, and 1 bandpass filter. This comprehensive EQ toolkit empowers you to sculpt and shape your audio with precision and creativity.

  • Individual Band Cue: Take control of your audio like never before with individual band cue options. Focus on specific frequency ranges and fine-tune your sound with surgical precision.

  • Continuous Frequency Selection: Enjoy seamless frequency selection that adapts to your workflow. Whether you’re making subtle adjustments or radical changes, Proportional Q offers continuous frequency control for a seamless experience.

  • Transformer Emulation: Embrace the distinctive character of analog transformers, faithfully emulated within Proportional Q. Experience the warmth and coloration that analog enthusiasts crave.

  • Efficient CPU Usage: Harness the power of Proportional Q without worrying about CPU strain. Our software is optimized for efficiency, allowing for more than 1,500 instances on a Macbook Pro Retina, so you can work with confidence.

  • Multilevel Undo-Redo: Experiment fearlessly with multilevel undo-redo functionality. Make adjustments, explore creative possibilities, and easily backtrack or redo changes as needed.

  • A/B Comparison: Compare your EQ settings effortlessly with the A/B comparison feature. Instantly toggle between different configurations to find the perfect sound for your project.

  • Inspiring Presets: Benefit from a wealth of presets meticulously designed during real mixing sessions. Jumpstart your creative process with professionally crafted starting points.

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