Platone Studio – Plugins Bundle

We are a team of passionate musicians and experienced programmers who strive to create intuitive music production solutions.
Driven by creativity and fueled by your feedback, we are constantly developing and improving our products to
empower artists around the world.

Included Plugins

Delay 44 :
Sometimes one delay is not enough. That’s why Platone Studio Delay44 combines two delays with a host of customizable features for a deep approach to sound design that can only be found in the most dedicated plugins.
Create wild sound effects automatically with the EQ Shape feature, adjust the stereo width with the Autopan option, and choose between multiple Ambient types to fit sounds in different physical settings.

Nine built-in presets are included in the box to get you started, but this is a powerful VST system that can be re-arranged in an almost infinite number of ways. The perfect delay for finding new sound ideas.

Swiss Saturator :
This is a quality VST printer that allows you to instantly give character to samples and recordings, applying distortions from soft to coarse.
In addition to the characteristic drivers, wen and crushers, it has a wide range of customization options. Adjust the level of distortion across the entire frequency spectrum using Swiss Saturator’s separate bass, mid and treble processing.
The Swiss Saturator has three identical saturation ranges with many options for controlling and tweaking the sound. At the top of each row are the Solo, Mute, and Bypass buttons, which are incredibly handy for deep tuning your sound. The Mute buttons can also serve as impromptu band removers.

However, the real magic happens in the DRIV, PHAT and CRUS regulators, which are the heart and soul of the Swiss Saturator. All of them in one way or another apply sound distortion to the processed signal, but they do it in completely different ways. It is the combination of these three saturators, depending on the frequencies sitting in each band, that makes the Swiss Saturator such a flexible tool for distorting music.

StraightSet :
Going from volume to silence in the middle of a DJ set completely destroys the atmosphere. Hours of adjusting the volume of hundreds of tracks – too. Now there’s a solution to both problems:

StraighSet, the first professional DJ assistant that automatically normalizes the volume of tracks.
1. Import as many tracks as you want.
2. Export with desired volume.
3. Done! All your tracks have the same volume.
StraightSett preserves the original sound dynamics of each song, while ensuring the same playback volume. You can create consistent DJ sets by automatically normalizing the volume of tracks in a playlist. You can easily set the end volume using the recommended volume or choose your own.

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