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Plugin Alliance ADPTR Sculpt -

New generation dynamics processing :
Sculpt by ADPTR Audio represents the future of dynamic and tonal control. Designed for master and group buses, Sculpt allows you to carefully and cleanly change the sound in ways that other processors simply cannot. It is based on a remarkably transparent “up” compressor, a more traditional “down” compressor, and powerful “Sculpt” tonal and transition sections. Use it to add refinement touches to mix masters and busses, or to enhance certain elements in samples, staves, and instrument groups.

Four Modules Running in Parallel :
Sculpt is built around four dynamic modules running in parallel. The Upward Compression module offers an unusual approach to dynamic control with more transparency, while the high quality Downwards Compression offers more traditional dynamic control. The one-of-a-kind Tone Sculpt module emphasizes or suppresses certain aspects of your sound, while the Transient Sculpt module manipulates the start of each sound for precise control over its sonic “envelope”. Each module has its own mute, solo, and output meters so you can see and hear how they affect your sound.

Master Tone Manipulation :
Each of the Sculpt modules is equipped with frequency controls that affect how Sculpt analyzes your signal. They serve as sidechain EQ controls in the Compressor modules, tonal balance controls in the Tone Sculpt module, and transient select controls in the Transient Sculpt module. The Tone Sculpt module also includes a tonal balance graph that displays the frequency balance of tracks, allowing you to constantly control the tone. The beauty of Sculpt is that it does not apply frequency dependent processing. Instead, it affects the gain of the input signal from sample to sample, resulting in incredibly transparent results.

Distortion-free dynamics control :
Sculpt uses a state-of-the-art Envelope Detection (EDA) algorithm that mimics how a person hears sounds, making it more responsive than conventional compressors. EDA detects the sound envelope with lightning-fast accuracy, allowing Sculpt to work without distortion even when processing complex material using ultra-fast attack and release settings. Use Sculpt to apply light to heavy side chain compression without worrying about distortion.

Auto-gain that really works :
The problem with most dynamics processors is that they don’t take perceived loudness into account when amplifying, which means you often end up with a “level-matched” signal that sounds much louder or quieter than your input signal. Sculpt analyzes the full frequency response of the incoming audio signal and adjusts its controls accordingly, allowing you to make accurate A/B level comparisons. The presets included with Sculpt also adapt to the dynamics of the incoming audio signal so you can hear how they should sound.

Transparently shaping the dynamics, tone, and transients of individual tracks, busses, and masters.
Four dynamics modules including up-compressor/expander, down-compressor/expander, tone balance module and transient processor.
A tonal balance visualizer that accurately displays the tonal balance of incoming audio.
Each module comes with low and high pass filters and a sloped EQ.

Bypass each module’s bands independently and scale the applied processing to fine-tune the sound.
Envelope Detection Algorithm (EDA) that ensures distortion-free processing even when processing complex material.
Advanced Adaptive Auto Gain (AAAG) analyzes incoming audio and accurately applies correction gain based on how a person hears the sound.
Main mixer panel with bypass control, wet/dry mixing knob and mid/side


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