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Analog Legacy!
Lindell Audio SBC – Experience Legendary Bus Compression!
Accurate emulation of the classic buss analog compressor with additional features such as NUKE hyper-compression and THD ® . The initial release consists of a thorough emulation of a wide and powerful stereo version and an even more versatile multi-band version scheduled to be released in fall 2022 as a FREE update.
Smooth, bouncy compressor glue that was born for rock music!
The original American hardware compressor is one of the most popular stereo buss compressors of all time, and for good reason. Transparent yet punchy, smooth yet punchy, it is a firm favorite for drums, mixing, vocals and any source that requires aggressive compression without compromise. Lindell Audio’s SBC plug-in emulates this legendary classic with masterful precision and clarity, adding new features only found in the digital world.
The industry standard mix bus with added versatility!
This type of VCA compressor is undoubtedly one of the top two choices for compressing analog mixing buses in today’s music production – along with the very best SSL bus compressors. Like the original equipment, the Lindell SBC (Stereo Buss Compressor) plug-in provides amazing tone and flexibility, and includes a series of carefully selected filters and additional options that make it the perfect choice for adding that last extra “glue” and polish to your entire mix.
Wonderful buses on drums and much more!
SBC shines not only on mix buss material. This compressor is an absolute MUST for live drum buses, especially in the rock and metal genres, where it delivers a tight, punchy, warm, and in-face sound. Try Lindell’s added “NUKE” feature for extra punch on snare and room tracks, and don’t neglect this compressor whenever you need heavy but clean vocal compression and more.
Unique filters to customize your compression!
The original compressors included several seemingly unnoticeable features that played a huge role in their success. A special side chain filter circuit provides low noise and high boost to the compressor’s detector circuit, ensuring it will respond to the most important parts of the mixture that many other compressors ignore. “Live” and “feedback” options let you work in a more modern or vintage style, while variable stereo link control allows the mixers to determine exactly how much the left and right channels should communicate with each other.
Modern rock sound in a box!
While the SBC will shine in any genre, it’s a must-have tool for rock mixers who want to add a bit of frank and aggressive character to their main mix, sub-groups and standalone tracks. It’s the sound you’ve heard on countless of your favorite contemporary rock releases over the past two decades. This is an analog buss compressor for the 21st century, now 100% ITB.

• Inspired by the legendary API® 2500 compressor.
• Unique filter section provides low cutoff and high gain capability for precisely targeted compression.
• Variable link between left and right channels.
• * Select the older ‘reverse’ compression or the more modern ‘live’ compression.
• Added “NUKE” option for even more aggressive compression.
• Selectable ratio, attack and release time.
• Soft, medium or hard knee for softer or harsher compression tones.
• Automatic and manual gain adjustment.
Version 1.0.1 (July 14, 2022)
– Added 24 presets.
– Fixed checkbox bypass click.
– Fixed latency reported by default.
– Fixed a bug where preset loading changed the scale of the user interface.
– Fixed preset AAX folder name (Windows)

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