Plugin Alliance TBTECH Cenozoix Compressor v1.0.1 for Mac OS

Free Download Plugin Alliance TBTECH Cenozoix Compressor Full Version for Mac OS.

Overview of Cenozoix Compressor

The three-case Cenozoix compressor is named after the Cenozoic era, the time that followed the extinction of the dinosaurs. Packed with innovation, this mixing and mastering plugin ushered in a new era of compressors.

Cenozoix offers compression algorithms for all major production elements, including Drum, Vocal, Bus, and Mastering, as well as algorithms that recreate the sounds of vintage compressors such as Black FET, Blue FET, Vintage Opto, Virtual-Mu, and more, providing the perfect balance of utility and versatility. This compression plugin can satisfy all your compression needs, from tight and modern sound to powerful vintage charm.

Features of Cenozoix Compressor

  • Experience a new era of compressors with Cenozoix, designed for mixing and mastering.
  • 12 compression algorithms catering to “Drum,” “Vocal,” “Bus,” and “Mastering,” as well as vintage compressors like “Black FET” and “Vintage Opto.”
  • Distortion-free compression for a clean and dynamic sound.
  • The warping mechanism for ultra-fast attack and release times, avoiding unwanted distortion in peak and sidechain compression.
  • Reduce anti-aliasing with Anti-Derivative Anti-Aliasing (ADAA) technology, developed by Native Instruments.
  • ADAA uses advanced mathematics for aliasing reduction without overloading the CPU.
  • Natural and responsive peak compression with the peak ridge feature, dynamically adjusting release time based on transient nature.
  • Gain fine control over the compression envelope with peak and RMS detectors working in parallel.
  • Option to use pure peak or RMS detection for individual track elements.
  • Even and odd harmonic generation for added sonic character.
  • Bug fixes, including correct resampling functionality and resolving phase issues with delay compensation.
  • Optimizations with a new IR core featuring oversampling for improved audio quality.
  • Support for displaying the gain reduction counter in Studio One.

Technical Details & System Requirements

  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Developer: Plugin Alliance
  • Platform  Intel/Apple Silicon Universal
  • Interface language: English
  • System requirements: MacOS 11+ and later
  • Download Size: 204.5 MB

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