Plugin Alliance & Unfiltered Audio – Bass Mint v1.0.0 VST/VST3/AAX (MODiFiED) x64 R2R

PluginAllianceUnfilteredAudio BassMint

Bass-Mint is Unfiltered Audio’s innovative new bass enhancement tool designed to quickly enhance the bass of your individual tracks, stems, and even entire mixes. It’s built around five different modes, each with five carefully tuned knobs to help you dramatically improve and enhance your mixes.
The heart of the Bass-Mint is in its simple frequency divider with adjustable cutoff, which separates the low band from the high band to allow different types of processing for each. From here, each of the five main modes offers exciting new ways to tweak those high and low parts of the signal with a remarkably simple, creative and intuitive workflow. Further control is provided by six additional switches on the right side of the plug-in, which enable basic low frequency processing methods at the touch of a switch.
Bass-Mint by Unfiltered Audio is the only plugin on the market that offers such a diverse set of controls for both bass enhancement and bass management. With this plug-in, truly wild things are possible, from subtly enhancing low frequencies to completely changing the frequency spectrum from subwoofers. Whether you want to really mess up a dirty bass or just balance bass and bass, Bass-Mint can do just about anything you want with its low frequencies.

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