Plugmon – Analog Anthem (SERUM)

“Analog Anthem” is a preset library containing original UHM wavetables modeled after 10 legendary synths.

– Juna
– Jupitron
– K20
– Mini D
– Mini Voyage
– Nanologue
– Oberboss
– Oberton
– Professor I
– Professor V

What is UHM?
UHM (U-He Math) is a wavetable scripting language developed by u-he and introduced in 2018.

UHM can generate very high quality wavetables expressed in mathematical and logical formulas.
Thanks to the possibility of very fine tuning, we reproduced analog vibrations as much as possible.

75 basses
45 mono leads
10 poly leads
26 pads
10 plucks
29 keys
14 brasses 8 strings
10 init patterns*

-13 noises
– 10 serum skins

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