Cherry Audio – Harmonia v1.0.9.72

~ Melody Transforms ~
Harmonia is Cherry Audio’s latest innovative virtual instrument designed to easily create rich, evolving polyphonic tones through an intuitive visual interface.

The magic of Harmonia lies in its two sample-based oscillators. Using techniques similar to additive synthesis, each Harmonia oscillator can simultaneously produce up to eight tones, individually tuned to a harmonic series or semitone. The volume of each harmonic can be fixed or dynamic, and Harmonia’s unique interpolated harmonic scanning allows you to create dramatic sweeps and melodic sequences with a single modulated slider.

Harmonia creates its characteristic organic sound based on hundreds of samples recorded from various synthesizers, traditional instruments and voices, colorful “lo-fi” sounds, etc. User samples can be imported, further expanding Harmonia’s tonal palette. Producers can easily create unique morph and sequencer tones by varying combinations of waveform selection and harmonic presets.

Harmonia reaches new heights with four syncable polyphonic LFOs, an extensive stereo multi-mode filter, click-and-drag envelopes, and a massive eight-slot mode matrix for dozens of sources and destinations. Harmonia supports aftertouch, flexible MIDI mapping, and a collection of over 350 stunning, professionally designed presets. Harmonia also features 17 studio quality effects such as distortion, chorus, phaser, echo, reverb and more – all fully modulated via a matrix.

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