ProjectSAM – Symphobia 4 Pandora v1.0.7 (KONTAKT) [Update Only – 2020]

ProjectSAM Symphobia4Pandora

Give your action, sci-fi and horror movie a blockbuster enhancement with the fourth volume of the famous series Symphobia from ProjectSAM. Symphobia 4: Pandora allows you to summon thrilling cinematic Risers, fall premonitions and stunning crescendos with unmatched ease and flexibility.
ProjectSAM – Symphobia 4 Pandora Full Library

What’s new
• Improved: Significant optimization offering shorter load times and better UI responsiveness
• Fixed: pulses are no longer clipped when playing linked notes
• Fixed: additional percussion layers no longer steal voices from the main instrument
• Fixed: Octaver now works more reliably

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