ProjectSAM – Symphobia 4 Pandora v1.0.7 (KONTAKT)

ProjectSAM is a Netherlands-based music software developer that has been creating high-quality orchestral sample libraries for over a decade. Their latest release, Symphobia 4 Pandora, is a comprehensive collection of cinematic orchestral sounds that is designed to inspire and enhance film, game, and television music compositions.

Symphobia 4 Pandora includes over 100 GB of samples, featuring a wide range of orchestral instruments, including strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, and more. The samples were recorded with a large ensemble in a world-class concert hall, using state-of-the-art recording equipment and techniques, to ensure maximum realism and expression.

In addition to the standard orchestral instruments, the library includes a variety of unique and rare instruments, such as waterphones, glass harmonicas, musical saws, and a range of ethnic and world instruments. These sounds can be used to add depth, texture, and character to compositions and can inspire new creative directions.

The library includes a range of articulations and playing techniques, such as staccato, legato, tremolo, and trills, which can be accessed and controlled using key switches and modulation controllers. This allows for greater control and expression in performances and helps to achieve a more realistic and dynamic orchestral sound.

Symphobia 4 Pandora also includes a range of pre-made instrument combinations and articulation presets, which can be used as a starting point for creating new sounds and arrangements. The presets are organized by theme and mood, making it easy to find the right sounds for a particular scene or project.

ProjectSAM’s Symphobia 4 Pandora is a powerful and versatile orchestral sample library that offers a wealth of sounds, articulations, and expression controls. Its focus on unconventional and experimental orchestral sounds, combined with its advanced articulation and preset features, make it a valuable tool for film, game, and television composers who are looking to add depth, texture, and character to their compositions. If you’re looking for a comprehensive and inspiring orchestral sample library, Symphobia 4 Pandora is definitely worth checking out.

What’s new
• Improved: Significant optimization offering shorter load times and better UI responsiveness
• Fixed: pulses are no longer clipped when playing linked notes
• Fixed: additional percussion layers no longer steal voices from the main instrument
• Fixed: Octaver now works more reliably

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