Pulsar Audio – 1178 1.2.4

Ideally emulated and improved FET compressor. Fast and versatile, it’s the perfect control for today’s mixes.
The Pulsar 1178 is an audio plug-in that meticulously recreates the original 1178 hardware compressor in its tonal color and compression character, adding a few extra features, making it a very versatile tracking and mixing compressor.
The compressor that feeds on transients for breakfast, the 1178 is a rare and expensive recording studio legend, cleaner and more versatile than its big brother the 1176. The 1178 compressor has been used by great producers including Chris Lord-Alge (My Chemical Romance), Bob Clearmountain (Rolling Stones) , Christina Aguilera), Yvan Bing (Phil Collins) and Nigel Godrich (Radiohead).
Our software carefully recreates the original 1178 hardware in its tonal color and compression pattern.
But we’ve taken the Pulsar 1178 beyond the original by adding all the features you’d expect from a modern all-in-one plug-in, including sidechain EQ for added control, an extra saturation stage for warmth and character, and metering accuracy.
The Pulsar 1178 has a fast and bright character, making it a great solution for recalcitrant transients in tracking and mixing. While these qualities make it an ideal choice for taming drum room transients for a stinging, rocky rebound, the extended attack range also provides soft dynamic contouring and can provide unique midrange definition and vocal intelligibility.
When it comes to compression, more control over the sidechain signal can take the mix to the next level. The rhythm dynamics of the drums depends on how the compression is triggered by the kick drum and the snare drum. With the Pulsar 1178’s full featured sidechain EQ section, you can achieve just the right amount of gain for each of them.

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