Pulsar Modular – P42 Climax Mod (WIN v5.08/MAC v4.13) VST3, AAX x64

The Pulsar Modular P42 Climax is an innovative multi-pronged amplifier for tone/colour shaping, saturation and bringing the idea of ​​working with multiple professional audio equipment to life. The P42 Climax starts with the heartbeat of a hardware linear amp and ends on every single track because it has enough CPU power to do it (300+ instances in a single session). Create your perfect sound whether you’re processing a single instrument, grouped tracks, 2-bus or even mastering. The sound is just… incredible!

The P42 Climax is like a chameleon, able to assimilate many different coloring hardware devices, but was never meant to copy any of them! The P42 Climax does wonders for the drum bus, the snare and, of course, the bass guitar. Installing the P42 on a 2-bus track immediately opens up your mix and reveals the hidden gems in your mix. With its processing in the middle / side and detailed measurement (peak, RMS and LUFS) and automatic. Gain compensation workflow, the P42 fits perfectly into your mastering signal chain, making it an indispensable tool for most mastering engineers around the world.

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