Pulsar Modular P455 MDN Sidecar + P450 MDN EQ

Free Download Pulsar Modular P455 MDN Sidecar + P450 MDN EQ Full Version for Windows.

Overview of P455 MDN Sidecar + P450 MDN EQ

P455 MDN Sidecar is a summing and 2-bus audio mixing and mastering plugin using analog chain Mark Daniel Nelson, two-time Grammy Award and French Academy Award-winning mixing engineer, music producer, creative director, and educator.

The P455 provides Marc’s analog workflow, including analog summing, tube-driven stereo imaging, a 2-bus punchy stereo EQ, a 2-bus custom glue compressor, and the unique features of two high-quality A/D converters.

The P455 MDN Sidecar is more than just a plugin; It’s a finely tuned combination of Marc’s seasoned approach and Pulsar’s modular, progressive audio design, with an emphasis on musicality at every stage of the signal paths, Mark Daniel Nelson has openly and graciously shared his techniques and experience for many years. It takes it one step further and brings you its signature sound without limitations or compromises with the P455 MDN Sidecar and P450 MDN EQ audio plug-ins.

Features of P455 MDN Sidecar + P450 MDN EQ

P455 MDN Sidecar
  • Summation without the need to install a plugin on each channel.
  • Various routes and options to create a true analog workflow.
  • Custom 2-bus compressor.
  • 2-bus stereo proportional equalizer.
  • Two ADC emulations.
  •  4-band equalizer with frequency steps and gain.
  • Step adjustment of low and high frequencies.
  • Gain multiplier to cover alternate gain and Q.
  • Op-amp behavior and signature sound.

Technical Details & System Requirements

  • Version: P455 MDN Sidecar v1.0.8 & P450 MDN EQ v1.0.4
  • Developer: Pulsar Modular
  • Format: VST, VST3
  • Bit depth: 64-bit
  • System requirements: Windows 10+
  • Download Size: 98.7 MB

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