Pulsar Modular – P565 Siren Filter Set v1.3.5

Pulsar Modular P565 Siren Filter Set e1678033874916 - audiostorrent.com

The P565 Siren Filter Set is a fusion for the perfect desktop process of highly sought-after filters from various hardware audio equipment with the unique signature sound that makes it a Pulsar Modular product.

Description Continued
The P565 Siren features selectable high and low pass filters with adjustable musical resonance that takes you into the realm of the most sought-after resonant filters and beyond. It also features two notch/peak filters for fine tuning and creative expression. Each of these filters can be dynamically modulated based on an external input signal or the built-in dual envelope control with precise control over attack, release, amount and speed characteristics. All of these features allow for powerful creativity that ranges from subtle movement to fun rhythmic amplification, while encompassing phasing, flanging and resonant sweeps.
P565 Siren does not stop there. Use drive to give body, character and dimension to any sound, or to overdrive it, taking your sound to the point where no overdrive has ever gone before!
Transformer-based emulation.
Continuously variable 12/24dB/oct high and low pass filters with resonance or proprietary 18dB option.
Two continuously variable bandpass filters from 20Hz to 20kHz that can be configured as rejection or pass filters (switchable to King Tubby style step filters).
Configurable envelope for filter frequency modulation.
Drive and overdrive options.
Smart, vintage or HD oversampling.

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