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Pulsar Modular is an audio plugin, superior in sound and workflow to analog audio equipment.
Incredible sound!

Description of included plugins
Lunar Lander (v2.1.2): Exciting bucket-brigade Device (BBD) analog delay, plate reverbs (3 sizes) and Class A and Class A/B saturation emulation plug-in. An easy-to-use 3-in-1 combo pedal that looks like a guitar.
P11 Abyss (v1.0.7): This is a chameleon audio compressor that can be ultra-clean, rivaling the cleanest mastering compressors, or super-dirty, rivaling the best color compressors.
P42 Climax(v4.1.3): This is an innovative multifaceted powerstrip for shaping/coloring tone, saturation, and more like the idea of ​​working with multiple pro-class audio hardware devices. The P42 Climax starts with the heartbeat of a hardware linear amp, and ends on every single track because it has enough CPU power to handle it (300+ in one session). Create your ideal sound when processing a single instrument, grouped tracks, 2-bus or even mastering.
P914FFB(v1.5.3): A filter that aided composers and performers by allowing them to add subtle or subtle resonances to a signal, or remove frequency ranges altogether. This process, when mixed with an unmodified, “dry” signal, can mimic the actual behavior of a traditional instrument, which has natural resonant modes due to construction and design.

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