Purafied Audio – DEATHWESTERN Amp v1.0.0

Beware, there’s a new sheriff in hell
To celebrate the release of the most sounding record ever, we’re releasing two gore-soaked guitar tones from DEATHWESTERN SpiritWorld. Each tone is modeled after producer Sam Pura’s legendary guitar amp chain; switch it to “53” if you want ridiculous boost and killer lows, or switch it to “50” if you want harsh midrange clarity. When you’re ready, use them in tandem to see why these boosters go hand in hand like whiskey and gunplay. We’ve also added additional cabinet simulation, a gain pedal, a gate, and your guitar’s volume knob, damn it. Our only condition upon use is that we are not responsible for demons caused by players who cannot help turning their guitars up to satanic levels. But if you’re going to do it.

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