Raising Jake Studios – Plugins Set 2021.10 (WIN/OSX)

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“Raising Jake”? Strange name – what does it mean? “Jake” is a slang word for “just right.” So the name Raising Jake originated as a slang term for “proper design”.
Raising Jake Studios is owned and operated by Jeff Rippe, former President and Chief Engineer of Rocksonics Professional Audio electronics. Jeff has over 40 years of audio production experience, starting with modest success with the Teac 3340 4-channel reel-to-reel tape deck, later expanded to the 8-track Tascam TSR8. During this time, Jeff has developed many compressors, limiters and midi control hardware under the Rocksonics name.
Jeff continued to work in 8- and 24-track studios throughout the 1980s and 90s before moving into the “modern world” of DAWs in 1998.
Jeff’s experience as a sound and electronic engineer allows him to use multiple resources for each audio project, bringing you the best in audio production.
A set of plugins from Raising Jake Studios:
Raising .Jake.Studios.SideMinder.ME2

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