Realitone – Screaming Trumpet 2.0.0 (KONTAKT)

Finally. The lead trumpet tone you’ve been looking for.
We have a tone. We have a range (no other library can match the double height that C Wayne gave us). We have articulations. We have a simple user interface.
Together with Warp IV, we are introducing the Realitone Edition Screaming Trumpet. Our friends at Warp IV caught Wayne Bergeron, the leading trumpet player in the world, and after a few days of recording captured his famous sound in almost every possible articulation.
We then tweaked these samples, balanced them so that the transitions from one articulation to the next were as smooth as possible. We then performed the “Realitone Treatment”, creating an interface and user experience that we felt was intuitive and simple. (No small feat, given the hidden complexities).


With this many variations, almost any riff is playable:
8 Sustain Articulations
14 Swell articulations (including flutter tongue)
20 Start / Attack articulations
26 Release articulations
We also include a Script-Legato option, because sometimes that’s the sound you want.
This is an upgrade from the Warp IV edition. 3 scripted round robins on every articulation.
Another Realitone upgrade – All articulations, including attacks and releases, are full range, from E2 to a screaming high Bb4. (Trumpet double-high C.)
KONTAKT 5.2 or higher
Screaming Trumpet requires the full version of Kontakt (5.2 or higher.)
30 Day No Risk – Full Refund Policy
If you don’t agree this is the best lead trumpet library you’ve ever played, send us an email and we’ll refund your money. That’s how confident we are.


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