Tokyo Dawn Records – TDR Kotelnikov GE 1.6.4 (WIN/OSX)

TokyoDawnRecords TDRKotelnikovGE -

TDR Kotelnikov is a wideband dynamic processor that combines high quality dynamic range control with musical flexibility. As a descendant of the ancient TDR Feedback Compressor family of products, Kotelnikov directly inherits several unique features such as improved control circuitry, individual control of the decay value separately for peak and RMS, an intuitive user interface, and powerful, highly accurate algorithms.

New in version
1.6.4 Maintenance update
# AAX compatiblity fix
# Fixed update lookup
1.6.3 Maintenance update
# Added suppport for native Mac Silicon
1.6.2 Maintenance update
# Inline help layout updated
# Fixed dropdown menus occasionally not opening on click
# Fixed small graphical details
1.6.1 Maintenance update
# VST3 format compatibility fixes
# MacOSX installer fixes
# Settings: Added framerate control for primary UI elements (meters, analyzers)

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