Roland Cloud Bundle

Overview of Roland Cloud Bundle:

Roland Cloud Bundle Download for fee. This is set of synthesizers and drum machines from Roland.

Features of Roland Cloud Bundle:

  • Roland D50 v1.12
  • Roland JD-800 v1.0.2
  • Roland JUNO-60 v1.0.4
  • Roland JUNO-60 CHORUS v1.0.2.2
  • Roland JUNO-106 v2.01
  • Roland JUPITER-4 v2.01
  • Roland JUPITER-8 v2.01
  • Roland JV-1080 v1.10
  • Roland JX-3P v1.07
  • Roland PROMARS v1.14
  • Roland SH-2 v1.16
  • Roland SH-101 v1.17
  • Roland SRX BRASS v1.04
  • Roland SRX DANCE TRAX v1.06
  • Roland SRX ELECTRIC PIANO v1.04
  • Roland SRX KEYBOARDS v1.06
  • Roland SRX ORCHESTRA v1.10
  • Roland SRX PIANO I. v1.02
  • Roland SRX PIANO II. v1.02
  • Roland SRX STRINGS v1.03
  • Roland SRX STUDIO v1.04
  • Roland SRX WORLD v1.05
  • Roland SYSTEM-1 v1.15
  • Roland SYSTEM-8 v1.38
  • Roland SYSTEM-100 v1.13
  • Roland TB-303 v1.06
  • Roland TR-606 v1.03
  • Roland TR-707 v1.01
  • Roland TR-727 v1.01
  • Roland TR-808 v1.10
  • Roland TR-909 v1.12
  • Roland XV-5080 v1.04
  • Roland ZENOLOGY v2.0.1
  • Roland ZENOLOGY FX v1.5.2

Technical Details and System Requirements:

  • Format : VSTi3
  • Bit depth : 64bit
  • OS : Windows 10 (1903)

Installation and Activation Process:

  • Double-click Setup.Roland.Cloud.Bundle.v1.0.1.0.x64.EN.exe and follow the installation instructions.
  • Select the tools you want to install and click the Install button.
  • Wait for the installation to complete.
  • We are ready.

7 Comments on “Roland Cloud Bundle”

    1. Random guy, don’t tell me how to be. Ok?
      People are polite, but get no response on anything.
      Mac users should not have to wait 6-12 months after Windows people with Roland Cloud.

      1. LOL!

        Yes they should! They were dumb enough to buy a MAC!

        If you want to pay 3 times the price for something because it has an apple on the cover, then you should wait to wait much, much longer for everything!

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