Roland – VirtualSonic s Legendary & AIRA Series 2021.12 CE-VR VSTi, VSTi3, AAX x64


Authentic recreations of analog and digital LEGENDARY Roland synthesizers.
Inspired by the past, built for the future, Roland ACB synthesizers deliver amazing sound and familiar workflow.
Add. Information :
Roland D-50 Ver.1.1.1
Roland JD-800 Ver.1.0.1
Roland JUNO-106 Ver.1.0.9
Roland JUNO-60 Ver.1.0.1
Roland JUNO-60 Chorus Ver.1.0.0
Roland JUPITER -8 Ver.1.1.0
Roland JV-1080 Ver.1.0.9
Roland JX-3P Ver.1.0.4
Roland PROMARS Ver.1.1.3
Roland SH-101 Ver.1.1.6
Roland SH-2 Ver.1.1.5
Roland SYSTEM-1 Ver.1.1.4
Roland SYSTEM-8 Ver.1.3.5
Roland SYSTEM-100 Ver.1.1.2
Roland TB-303 Ver.1.0.5
Roland TR-606 Ver.1.0.2
Roland TR-707 Ver .1.0.0
Roland TR-727 Ver.1.0.0
Roland TR-808 Ver.1.0.9
Roland TR-909 Ver.1.0.9
Roland XV-5080 Ver.1.0.3

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