Roland VS SRX DANCE TRAX 1.0.4

Roland Cloud introduces the SRX DANCE TRAX, inspired by the original Roland hardware board with reimagined functionality.
How it was– In the early 2000s, the Roland SRX series expansion boards were an innovative way to add fresh flavors to your synthesizer. Installed directly into Roland’s hardware synthesizers, each board created a tiny, genre-focused world. From classical pianos (ported by Roland Cloud to our SRX KEYBOARDS VST) to strings and woodwinds, the SRX series has expanded the possibilities and opened new creative doors.
“DANCE TRAX”, the fifth instrument in the SRX series, designed for dance music, hip-hop and electronica. This is the original hardware version, sampling the waveforms of vintage and modern synths including the Junos, JP-8000 and many more, resulting in a collection of sounds ranging from lush synths to punchy drums.
Don’t be quiet!– SRX DANCE TRAX provides a huge variety of sounds designed to get you on the dance floor. Whether you’re creating techno, house, trance or drum and bass, this set of sounds will turn your compositions into dance anthems for any party. The Roland Cloud SRX DANCE TRAX collection features 312 patches, 24 rhythm kits and 818 waveforms, all with unsurpassed original board quality. This includes rumbling synth basses, lively leads, and 82 hits and stubs to infuse your ideas with unrivaled creativity.
drums– The heart of any dance song is its backbeat. The SRX DANCE TRAX offers the largest collection of custom drums ever available in an original product. In fact, since the creation of the original board, Roland has approached the issue with the best engineers and manufacturers around the world. Even without processing, these beats pulsate and beat the rhythm. Add rich built-in multi-effects processing and flexible patch options, and you’ve got the magic of the dance floors right in your DAW.

78 different multi-effects including multi-step flanger, rotary speaker effects, ring modulator, multi-stage phaser, and dozens more
Amp Simulator with JC-120, 5150 Metal and more
Manages 128 memories as one bank
Ultra-flexible patch parameters
Maximum Polyphony : 128 voices
Tone Memory Type 2 Types (Patch/Rhythm Set)
Effects Multi Effects: 78 Chorus: 3 Reverb: 5
Sampling Frequency: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 176.4 kHz, 192

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