Safari Pedals – Flamingo Verb – 4 wild reverbs in one plugin 1.13.6

Safari Pedals Flamingo Verb -

Flamingo Verb is our unique approach to reverb. Based on 4 uniquely recorded IRs. Turning the Time knob will take you into the IR jungle, from a very tight room sound captured in our studio lobby to a nice short LP sound taken from the original 140 LP and then the naughty RE201. Spring sound and finally dreamy long long 480 IR. Also included are a couple of filters + a very nice width button you can play with and a sandy overdrive (gorilla style).

* To anyone who may be wondering why there is no AutoGain on/off feature – I included it in the Drive & Width knobs but it was a little more difficult to implement a solution that would work in all cases without sacrificing audio functionality. and sound.

Each feature in the plugin can be turned on or off, giving users the freedom to get creative and use it as a delay, filter set, or color field!

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