Safari Pedals – Fox Echo Chorus – Classic tape echo with a vintage vibe 1.1.5

Safari Pedals Fox Echo Chorus Classic tape echo with a vintage vibe -

Prepare to take a nostalgic journey back to the golden era of echoes and vibrations with the Fox Echo Chorus. This remarkable audio plugin pays homage to the legendary Echo Chorus Classic, delivering a vintage embrace to your sound waves that’s reminiscent of the good old days.

No need for rocket science here – just pure audio entertainment that evokes the magic of the past.

The Fox Echo Chorus brings a modern twist to the analog realm with some super cool features, including mixing and auto gain, that you won’t find in vintage hardware. Say goodbye to the time-consuming and costly quest for that authentic retro sound – you can have it all with the Fox Echo Chorus, priced affordably at just $32.

Pop this plugin into your setup and let the waves of audio nostalgia wash over you, minus the bell-bottoms.

Fox Echo Chorus Features:

  • Mixing Knob: Achieve the perfect blend of vintage charm and modern clarity with the mixing knob.

  • Authentic Noise: Immerse yourself in the genuine vintage experience with noise recorded from the original unit.

  • Three Tape Head Sounds: Explore a variety of sonic possibilities with three distinct tape head sounds.

  • Automatic Gain: Let the Fox Echo Chorus handle the gain for you – it’s like having your own audio engineer.

  • Input Drive: Fine-tune your sound with precision using the input drive control.

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